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3D Art - Environments - Props

(All Assets are Game Ready using a high to low poly baking workflow or a mid to low poly face weighted normals workflow)

Known Art Software:

Personal Project - Club Phoenix (2023)

This is a personal project intended for (metaverse-like) worlds inside the game VR Chat.  It is my favorite creative environment render to date.  The world is made for Quest 2 running on android device. The entire environment displayed was modeled and textured by me and the characters were provided via VR Chat user uploads.

Technical Artist - CUbic Corporation

Cubic requires information to be very limited. This video demonstrates the genereal work done with the cubic team. My responsibilities were to provide 3D assets as shown below and integrate from 3dsMax to Unreal Engine 4. This includes modeling, unwrapping, texturing, lightmapping, and materializing assets from pictures, CAD Data, and Laser Scans. (Low Poly Modeling and Seamless Textures workflow). Luckily, the room in timestamp 0:55 was one of the first rooms they gave me to do a complete geo optimization pass from my predecessors and I added roughly three systems in there.

3D Game Developer - Keybridge Technologies, Inc

I was a Game Developer at Keybridge and during times that required more art and I had development down, time I would assist modeling 3D assets. Here are some assets I worked on from start to finish. All assets were created with 3ds Max, textured with Substance Painter, and rendered in vRay or iRay. These are all game ready assets ready to be ported into the Unity game engine.

Mercenary Environment - Personal Project

This environment was crated in Unity and there is a 360 degree video available if your browser supports it. All assets were made in 3ds max, unwrapped in Headus uv, Textured in Quixel Suite, test rendered in marmoset, and finally rendered in Unity. This originated from creating weapon assets for fun and trying to compile various weapons into one theme.

The Gun Show! - personal and Professional 

(OT Training Solutions)

I enjoy recreating wepons in 3D. It is challenging but having infinite real world references makes the process far easier and significantly quicker. So I use weapons to practice my modeling skills. Here are various weapons each made with several different software. This included 3ds Max, The all new Blender 2.8+, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter, Headus for unwrapping, Marmoset for rending as well as iRay, and Unity. Once again, all game ready and using either high to low poly, or face weighted normals workflow.