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Game Development

(All Assets are Game Ready using a high to low poly baking workflow or a mid to low poly face weighted normals workflow)

3rd Party Development for The following Institutions:

Unity Developer - Groove Jones

Co-Developer of "AT&T Station": An experience inside VR Chat for HBO Max, AT&T, and 100 Thieves

100 Thieves trying out the AT&T station for the first time.

Co-Developer of "Life Itself":  A medical exhibit game set to be displayed in medical conventions by Medtronic.
Featured in Unity Technologies' Instagram Page:

2023 Communicator Awards - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE
Category: Gam - Client: Medtronic - Title: GI Genius™ Game


UI Developer for Oxe-play.
Implemented the UI in its entirety for the XS-1 exercise machine. This includes menus and gameplay.
All menus designed to be dynamic for integrating new content.

UI Developer for Bluedove
Developed the entire UI for a VR video experience. The UI was a challenge not typically presented.
Triangle shaped UI really pushes Unity's UI limits and we maned to gracefully implement it.

UI Developer for American Heart Association & QA
Developed  functionality for parts of the UI in the VR CPR experience and also assisted as a quality assurance tester for art, development, and gameplay.

Software Engineer - Circadence

As a Software Engineer in Circadence, specifically a Unity Developer,  I created a VR Full Rigged IK controller for combat simulation. The VR Rig is fully functional with movement and firing, the rig also has a full head and body all tracked and controlled by the player. I also created a Desktop non VR controller to support additional players training in the combat exercises.  More info will be available as the project closes. It is open source and under the MIT licenses. I handle all of the characters, VFX, and animations as well.

3D Game Developer - Keybridge Technologies, inc

In Keybridge I was responsible for the complete process of game development in the Unity Game Engine. This consists of creating, implementing, debugging, testing and refining the entire game. During down time, I would also assist in the creation of 3D Assets, props, environments, and general digital art. Some of the works below are either executables delivered to the military or streamed Web GL IMI applications.

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