Game Development

(All Assets are Game Ready using a high to low poly baking workflow or a mid to low poly face weighted normals workflow)

3rd Party Development for The following Institutions:


I am currently a Software Engineer for OT Training Solutions and we are designing a trainer for the US Armed Forces.  More information will be available after release of the project.

Military Humvee

Game Designer II - Disti

As a Game Designer II, the responsibilities are to work with software engineers and create a concept for for game training applications using the Unity Game Engine  and bring them to completion. Most of the time I would also facilitate the work for software engineers using in house tools to create game scenarios and bring technical expertise in regards to Unity. I would also serve as a liaison between the artist and software engineers.

3D Game Developer - Keybridge Technologies, inc

In Keybridge I was responsible for the complete process of game development in the Unity Game Engine. This consists of creating, implementing, debugging, testing and refining the entire game. During down time, I would also assist in the creation of 3D Assets, props, environments, and general digital art. Some of the works below are either executables delivered to the military or streamed Web GL IMI applications.

Capstone Internship - Meltdown Mayhem

Using Unity 3D, I was to create a game in a ten week period with a team of five including myself for a Final Project. The game is a series of mini games from many popular gameplay mechanics integrated into one game. Its success obtained a spot at Indienomicon in Orlando, FL. We were the first student group to present a complete game in three years. I was primarily focused on gameplay development and that consisted of developing one hundred percent of all of the technical aspects  including all of the programming. I would also assist in some 3D asset creation.